Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sequence: Sand Castle v2.5

Size : 8.08 MB
Sequence is a great game to develop strategy thinking. The idea of the game is to place 5 chips of the same color in one line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) which is what we call a 'sequence'. Two players (or teams) take turns in placing chips on the board. Each player uses chips of specific color. The first player to create predefined number of sequences with the same color chips is the winner. During the game player holds several cards with images matching the ones on the board and player's chips can only be placed over the images included into player's hand. Black card is used for removing one chip from any place on the board unless it is a part of existing sequence. Yellow card is considered wild and allows to place a chip anywhere on the board except for the corner spots. Corner spots are wild and automatically are counted torwards any color sequence bodering them.
There are 2 additional game modes to play: Story and Survival. Survival allows a player to collect as many sequences as possible and Story mode opens part of the Sand Island map with every additional winning game!
Password : www.2baksa.net