Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beltion: Beyond Ritual

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Body Equilibrium - inquisition designed to protect the state from the taboo of magic, a brutal organization with an iron discipline and old orders. Served in it - it is a great honor, a heavy burden and mountain «dirty work», which can perform only the Order of Knights.

Do you have a long way from the ambitious recruit who had just arrived in the capital, to the highest ranks of leadership. You'll find dangerous job in the farthest corners of the world, fighting enemy armies and wild tribes of natives, vast dungeons, monsters congested. But remember that the world Sarmontazary murders and deeds committed for the sole purpose - rede sverhoruzhiya mysteries under the name «Beltion»!
«Beltion. Body Equilibrium »successfully combines the two most popular genres - action and role-playing game. Intriguing, thought-out story is based on the famous tetralogy of Alexander Zorich. Script writer project supports the author himself, who had already entered the history of computer games. At this time the famous fantastic to participate in and above the literary elements, creating a unique atmosphere of the game space.

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