Monday, May 25, 2009


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The state covered the civil war. It lasted for an unreasonable period and culminated in the general chaos. Towns and villages lie in ruins, people are madly tired of bloodshed and want only one thing - peace. Taking advantage of a good thing for the country has a powerful weapon Corporation. Once again, over the devastated country swept the flames of conflict. Against civilians rushing to office dealers threw trained and armed to the teeth of mercenaries. Only a handful of fighters to give them the ability to resist. Once again shed blood and obagrit rocky slopes of mountains and canyons.

Damnation - Action from the third party in which the gameplay is built not only on fire and drive the battle - it contains elements of adventure and freedom of movement in the terrain. Murky world Damnation appears in all glory. Deep gorges, dilapidated houses, pits and dumps, rusty pipes and mechanisms of organic vpleteny in a general atmosphere of the TRIMs-punk. Players will choose their own path to overcome obstacles and take advantage of to achieve the objectives of the various vehicles. Will have to navigate not only horizontally but also vertically - to this provision various devices and subtle ways. Enemies cunning, ruthless and skillfully using terrain to achieve absolute superiority. But the player has found that they oppose - the ability to see through walls, stunning acrobatic stunts and powerful weapons.
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