Friday, May 1, 2009

King's Bounty

A new world full of unknown risks: toward the Princess will be the army of terrible monsters, huge monsters, bosses and bloodthirsty race of pangolin. But, as with any adventure, you have something to counter the enemy. Different skills and abilities Amelie, as well as the possibility of free flight will overcome any difficulties. Moreover, the way Princess accompanies this manual dragon! This beast is still a small and funny, but its ability to evolve rapidly, and soon it will become very dangerous. In battle, he will protect his princess all available means, from simple strokes and finding treasures, ending a battle frenzy and awakening volcanoes.
There is little to overcome all the unknown dangers of the world and return home! A huge army of demons, was besieged by the native capital, will not denetsya. Uniform and the inexorable passage of time always work out hours of life the king and his subjects. Remember: their life in your hands!

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